•  No street shoes inside the studio. Please remove and have clients remove shoes outside of the French doors and place on the hooks provided.
  • If using the shower please have clients bring their own towel, also make sure the water is completely turned off before leaving. A $25 invoice will be sent via Paypal for any faucets left running. Please do not use our towels for clients to use if they forget theirs. (There will be a laundry service fee assessed)
  • Absolutely no food/drink, shoes, makeup/hair products, spray tan etc on the white or large area rugs!
  • If you need to open or raise the blinds during your session please return them to the closed and down position. Please do so by holding the top of the blinds and gently pulling them back down into place.
  • Turn the ac unit back to eco mode and 75 if changed at any point during your session.
  • If your session is during a colder weather time and the heater is needed make sure it is unplugged and turned off at the end of the session.
  • Please do not remove any items/props/furniture from any area of the studio and move it to another unless you plan to return it to it’s original location after use! When specialty sets are up please do not move anything away from or around in the set whatsoever. Specialty sets contain more costly supplies and are advertised with a certain look and it makes it hard for everyone when things don't look how they were shown.
  • Do not stand on ANY furniture in the studio. There are step ladders and stools in the storage closet.
  •  Let us know if anything is not up to par at the beginning of your sessions so we can make it right.  Let us know at the beginning of your session if there is anything broken or if anything happens to get broken by accident during your time. We run off the honor system here and would hate for someone else to get blamed for something they didn’t do but wasn’t found before starting their studio time.
  •  Do not do makeup/hair in any spaces other than the bathroom or makeup vanity area.
  •  Do not allow clients on bed/furniture or white rug if they have had a spray tan within the last 24 hours.

Please have a great and creative time! We know you will serve up some amazing content, please do us the favor of tagging our page (FB: @thestudio338 IG: @thestudio338) so we can share your work as well! (with client consent of course!)

 Please be advised... we do not do refunds for missed appointments, changes in yours or client’s schedules or due to illness.